I have been practicing psychology for almost 40  years, and I am licensed as a Psychologist in the state of New Hampshire.  After receiving a dual Masters Degree from Columbia University, I began a private practice working with adults, couples, and juveniles.  I received my Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh in 1987.

My career has since spanned from working for a small youth counseling agency to a  20-year career as the Chief Psychologist in the Federal Department of Justice.  In my private practice, I now specialize in a wide range of services including psychotherapy, evaluations, and forensics for adults and juveniles. ​

Approximately 70 percent of my practice is currently in forensics.  I accept referrals for evaluations from clients, attorneys, psychologist and therapist colleagues, and the courts.

My therapy approach is eclectic and based on the needs of the client whether it be behavioral intervention for panic disorder or anxiety, emotion-focused therapy for couples, systematic family therapy for parent-child problems, bio-psychosocial treatment for addictions, or cognitive-behavioral therapy for depression, stress, relationship issues, or longstanding personality disorders.  My approach is always humanistic, client-centered, patient, and non-judgmental with an emphasis on empathic listening.

Location and Hours

Dennis P. Becotte, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

142 Main Street

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